Windows Server Management

It is a comprehensive solution that ensures the secure, stable, and high-performance operation of your Windows-based servers. Our experienced and expert technical team takes over the management of your server, providing advanced services related to operating systems, security, performance, and updates.

With our Windows Server Management service, you can ensure the secure, stable, and high-performance operation of your Windows-based servers, as well as benefit from technical support and remote management opportunities. With this service provided by a team of experts, you can ensure business continuity and increase the efficiency of your business.

Windows Server Management in 3 Steps

Security and Stability

It provides advanced security measures and continuous monitoring to maximize the security and stability of your server

Performance Optimization

Our Windows Server Management service optimizes the performance of your server. Your server's resources are managed properly and unnecessary processes are terminated. By using performance optimization techniques, your server's fast and effective operation is ensured.


24/7 Technical Support

Windows Server Management service provides 24/7 technical support. Our experienced technical team ensures that your server is constantly monitored and any issues are quickly resolved. In case of emergencies, we provide fast intervention and solutions to minimize downtime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Windows Server Management service and what are its benefits?
Windows Server Management service is a service that enables customers to have their Windows-based servers professionally managed. This service includes basic management tasks such as updating, configuring, monitoring, firewall configuration, and performance optimization. The Windows Server Management service provides benefits such as creating a secure and stable server environment to ensure business continuity, minimizing downtime with fast and effective intervention, and saving time and resources.
How does Windows Server Management service work?
Windows Server Management service is a service provided by experienced Windows experts. Customers entrust the management of their Windows servers to experts and all basic management tasks related to their servers are performed by a professional team. This ensures that the servers are running up-to-date and securely. Customers can take advantage of the service provider's support to focus their time and resources on other important tasks.
What Windows versions does Windows Server Management service support?
The Windows Server Management service generally supports most commonly used Windows Server versions. These include popular versions such as Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2.