About Us

Wles is a company that has been in the industry for many years and is among the leaders of experienced companies. Thanks to its experience, Wles plays an effective role in both the Turkish and international market. Wles offers services such as customer support management, virtualization, server management, cloud management, quality analysis,escalation management, infrastructure expertise, and consulting.

Our company is one of the architects and pioneers in the field of cloud and web hosting in the digital sector. Therefore, Wles has established its place among reputable international companies. Wles, as an identity, is one of the companies that is corporate-minded and customer satisfaction-oriented.

Numbers by Wles

As Wles, you can find our servers, which we proudly manage, and more information, instantly updated data in the area below.

  • 278

    Active Server

  • 200M+

    Prevented Attack

  • 40+

    Business Partner

  • 90K+

    Resolved Ticket

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: As Wles, we have a company policy that does not hesitate to dream and brings what it thinks to life. Our institution is constantly enlarging its visions by realizing every issue it has dreamed of until today. Our company aims to strengthen its place among reputable companies by raising its success in the international arena.

Mission: The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the service industry is, of course, reliability. As Wles, the principle of reliability is among our basic principles and principles. In addition to its innovative structure, our institution also has a perfectionist mentality. Thanks to this feature, it is among our duties to leave you satisfied with the aim of ensuring that every service provided is at the highest level.

Why U.S?

We think customer-based, we control the servers 24/7 every day in order to move our customer's business forward, we intervene instantly, in short, we are always ready to intervene for the happiness of our customers.

Would you like to join our team?

With a fast-growing culture of kindness, Wles is a place where you can shape the future of Server management. Grow your career and face new challenges as you forge friendships with some of the most motivated and talented people in tech.

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