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Whether it's a cloud server, VPS or physical server, leave the server management to us and use this extra time to be productive in the core areas of your business.

With our Server Management service, we offer an uninterrupted technology infrastructure for your business by managing your powerful, reliable, and fast servers through a professional team.

We support your business processes by managing your Linux-based servers securely, quickly, and optimized with our Linux Server Management service by leveraging the expertise of our professionals.

With our Windows Server Management service, we professionally manage your Windows-based servers to improve performance, ensure security, and optimize your business processes.

With our Infrastructure Management service, we ensure a seamless technology infrastructure by securely, quickly, and efficiently managing your IT infrastructure.

With our Cloud Migration service, we optimize your business processes by quickly, securely, and seamlessly transferring your data.

With our Backup service, we ensure your business continuity by securely backing up your data and helping prevent data loss.


What are the necessary steps to get started with server administration with Wles?

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Create a detailed proposal of your projects, determine your budget and timeline.

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Carefully review your proposal, make changes and approve it.

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Broadcast your project and enjoy Wles' powerful technology solutions.

We make things easy for servers.

Wles offers unique features such as certified experts, customized plans, monthly reports, 24/7 support, quality of support, and white label.

  • Certified Technical Experts

    Our experienced and expert team guides you through technology solutions.

  • Customized Plans

    We offer solutions tailored to their needs with plans tailored to their needs.

  • Monthly Advanced Reports

    With detailed reports, you can better manage your business and support your decisions with data.

  • 24/7 Support Service

    We offer quick solutions to your questions and requests with our 24/7 support service that we will always be at your side.

  • Support Quality

    We aim to add value to your business with our high-quality support service that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

  • White Label

    By highlighting your own brand, you can present technology solutions with your own brand identify.

Our expert team is here 24/7 for the management of the server.

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