Data security is of critical importance for every business. Particularly for businesses that have valuable data, data loss or data corruption can result in serious consequences. That is why we keep your data safe with our Backup service.

Our Backup service offers advanced solutions to securely backup your business data. Regular and secure backups of your data is one of the most effective methods to prevent potential data losses. Data backup ensures the continuity of your business by preventing any interruption to your business processes in the event of data loss.

3 Steps Backup Service

Flexible and Customizable Backup Plans

Our backup service provides flexible and customizable backup plans that fit your business needs. Parameters such as backup frequency, storage space, and data retention time can be determined based on your company's requirements. In addition, different backup methods and plans are available for different types of data. This allows your business's backup process to be completely customized to meet your specific needs and budget.

Secure and Fast Data Recovery

Our backup service offers secure and fast data recovery processes. In case of data loss, access to the quickly backed up data can be provided, and the time required to recover your data is kept to a minimum. In addition, data recovery processes are carried out with secure protocols and your data security is protected at the highest level.


Customer Support and Experienced Team

Our backup service is managed by an experienced team. Our customer support, technical expertise, and experienced staff enable you to manage your data backup processes safely. In addition, you can benefit from our 24/7 customer support service in case of any questions or issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How confident am I against disaster scenarios?
In our backup service, multiple precautions are taken to ensure the highest level of security for your data. Your data is backed up in different geographical locations and on different infrastructures. This provides a high level of assurance against unexpected events such as natural disasters, technical malfunctions, or other disaster scenarios.
What is the backup frequency and how is it configured?
In our backup service, you can adjust the backup frequency according to the needs of your business. Daily, weekly, monthly, or backup frequency options based on a specific time interval are provided. You can customize your backup plan as you wish.
How does the data recovery process work in case of a disaster situation?
In our backup service, there is a fast and effective data recovery process in case of a disaster. The data recovery process can use different methods depending on the type of disaster. However, the fact that your backed-up data is stored in different locations provides alternative ways to access the data even in a disaster situation. Our customer support team will guide you in case of any disaster and initiate the data recovery process quickly.