Plesk Server Management

We offer you a complete server management solution with our Plesk Server Management service to maximize your web hosting experience. Thanks to Plesk's powerful features, user-friendly interface, and rich plugins, you can keep your server's security, performance, and management at the highest level.

With Plesk Server Management, server administrators can quickly create, manage, and update websites. Integrated security features protect websites from security threats and provide defense against cyber attacks. Additionally, server administrators can easily manage databases, create email accounts, manage FTP users, and configure DNS settings.

Plesk Server Management in 3 Steps

Security-Focused Management

Security is one of our top priorities in our Plesk Server Management service. Our expert team regularly applies security updates, patches, and measures to ensure that your server stays up-to-date and secure.

Expert Support

In our Plesk Server Management service, an expert support team is always ready to assist you. Thanks to our 24/7 technical support service, you can get fast solutions and assistance whenever you encounter any problems.


Performance Optimization

Optimizing server performance is important for your websites to run smoothly and quickly. In our Plesk Server Management service, we implement performance optimization methods such as effective utilization of server resources, caching techniques, and database optimization to ensure fast loading and high-performance operation of your websites.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Plesk Server Management service and what are its advantages?
Plesk Server Management service is a service that enables customers to have their Plesk-based servers professionally managed. This service includes basic management tasks such as configuring, updating, monitoring, performance optimization, firewall configuration, and backup through the Plesk control panel. The Plesk Server Management service provides advantages such as creating a secure and stable server environment to ensure business continuity, minimizing downtime through fast and effective intervention, and saving time and resources.
Plesk Server Management service covers which services?
Plesk Server Management service involves managing the server through the Plesk control panel. This includes basic management tasks such as configuring, updating, monitoring, firewall configuration, performance optimization, and backup of the server. Additionally, it helps customers manage their Plesk user accounts, configure and update services such as email accounts, databases, FTP accounts, etc. Through Plesk Server Management service, customers can easily manage their servers via the Plesk control panel.
Why is Plesk Server Management service important?
Plesk Server Management service provides customers with professional management of their Plesk-based servers and offers many advantages. Firstly, it ensures that servers are up-to-date and running securely, helping to close potential security vulnerabilities and prevent data loss. Additionally, it optimizes server performance, ensuring fast and stable operation of websites. Plesk Server Management service saves customers time and resources, delegates management tasks that require technical expertise to professionals, and minimizes downtime to ensure business continuity.